Maybe your favorite part of Halloween is the costumes, or the scary movies, or the haunted houses. But perhaps the most universally loved things about Halloween? Free candy. 

Personal finance site WalletHub found some interesting candy-related facts for the spooky season. 

Candy corn is the worst Halloween candy, according to this survey

According to WalletHub, 69% of people plan on handing out candy Halloween night. Once the pumpkin buckets return, 83% of parents will check their kid's candy for anything dangerous. 

Kids aren't the only ones who will enjoy the spoils of their trick-or-treating — 72% of parents admit to stealing Halloween candy from their children. Chocolate is the preferred Halloween treat for 68% of people. 

How to be safe on Halloween

But 85% of parents are making a plan to help their kids enjoy their candy in moderation instead of all at once. 

With a potential 122 million potential trick-or-treating stops in the U.S., that's a lot of candy changing hands. 

You can read more Halloween facts on WalletHub's website.