J.B. Webb — Sad day after last week's near disaster

Herald Democrat

My bad, I gave the wrong phone number for Jerry Dorsey last week when I said you could call him if you would like to help out for the Troops Welcome Home Weekend October 15-17.

You can still make a donation by October 14th at Little Mineral Marina, host of this event, at Lakeside VFW Post 7873, American Veteran’s Post 231 or at Vietnam Veteran’s Post 973 (which two years ago also helped out and provided breakfast for the troops at Georgetown Baptist Church).

The weekend will see the troops arrive for the meet and greet at 7 p.m. Friday the 15th. They will be serving a great hamburger for the troops.  For anyone else who is hungry there will be a fee. Fishing starts Saturday with weigh-in at Little Mineral Marina around noon. Lunch at the Georgetown Church is about 1:30 p.m., supper is at the AmVets Post 231 on Saturday night.

After Frick & Frack’s near disaster last week fishing, Charlie though our run of bad luck might go away if we made a few changes. Frick & Frack met their Waterloo at the boat ramp — we decided to upgrade to see if our luck would change.

Charlie must have been watching an old Andy Griffith show. He suggested we go to “Barney” and “Goober” instead of Frick & Frack. I got to be Barney because I have a 'B' in my name. He didn’t have a letter so he decided to be Goober.

We fished Wednesday and didn’t have a mishap. It just goes to show you can have fun on a fishing trip if you laugh and enjoy being on the water without worrying if you are coming back alive or not.  I guess it has something to do with getting old but we watch from our paid-for boats as those younger fishermen in sleek boats make fishing work.

We just take our time and move around while laughing, catching some fish, (most of the time) and having a lot of fun while looking at a beautiful lake. Tournament fishing no longer appeals to me as it once did; neither does guiding.

Since I retired from guiding, when I get up and the rain is coming down in buckets with a cold wind blowing or the tree limbs bouncing off the ground from the wind I can just smile and have another cup of coffee.

Take it from me: if you are thinking of being a guide, talk to some people doing it. Guiding is work. Getting up early to catch bait, keeping your boat up, fighting the weather and having your fish move and have to be found while customers sit waiting can put a guide under pressure.

The above being said, Goober and I started fishing. I was throwing my P60 Rebel Pop R. I caught a bass, I got to count it because I touched it. We fished on; I missed two, then caught another fish. We kept moving around just fishing.

Some of our spots are growing weeds as the lake keeps falling. I was up two to nothing in catching. While we both were fishing and missing some strikes, we were also having fun. I caught another bass, it made No. 3. I was teasing Goober and my Pop R was just lying in the water. When I moved it another bass slammed it.

Thinking they might want it slow, I cast out again and again letting it just set and let the waves give it action. 0n one of the many casts I made when I popped it, I had another bass come out of the water jumping.

Thinking I had it figured out I never got another strike. We kept moving around trying different baits. I finally put on a 3-inch Plastic Shad — I had dipped its tail in chartreuse dye. Fishing it with only a hook, I was working it slow and caught two more fish on it. Returning to High Line Hole I got my eighth fish.

Goober had one of those days where bites were scarce and none got caught. We tried two more places before giving it up for Wednesday and leaving.

Want to fish a tournament? Little Dixie Bass Club will host its 40th open team tournament October 16-17.  Headquarters will be at the Catfish Bay Rally Pavilion on Lake Texoma. Entry fee is $140 includes big bass. Saturday evening will see a BBQ dinner for entrants.

There will be a side pot of $20 for a 3.33-pound bass or closest to this weight with a $250 pay back each day, only one fish can be weighed. For more information or to register call 580-5659177 or 580-330-1420.  

Also on October 16 there is supposed to be another high school tournament with 200 or more boats fishing. This one will be weighed at the Denison High School I’m told. There will likely be some other tournaments taking place at the same time. Texoma will take another beating.

My crystal ball sees another cat fight as a once beaten Tiger dares to stick his head into the Gunter jungle and will lead to another pelt for his office. Prediction Gunter 50 Leonard 7. The game last week with Bells could have been a lot worse score-wise as Gunter had six turnovers.