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Mireya Mullins to take to the court for final home game

By Griff Servati
For the Van Alstyne Leader
Mireya Mullins

This Friday night, as the Van Alstyne Panthers host the Celina Lady Bobcats, the team will honor its three seniors, who will be taking the home floor for their last time, Kylie Allen, Kate Carson, and Mireya Mullins. 

    Mullins has been on the Lady Panther varsity team since her sophomore year. Before focusing on basketball, she played volleyball up until her junior year. As a child, she also played soccer and softball, "wanting to try everything possible," said Mireya. 

MIreya Mullins goes up strong for points for the Lady Panthers.

    She credits those early years of sports involvement in one of the best lessons that sports have taught her, to be coachable or teachable. "my peewee coaches stressed to me to be coachable, always to listen, and do my best to follow the instructions given. That has been a goal of mine, whether that's my coach or my future boss." said Mullins. 

Mireya Mullins post presence has been a key to the Lady Panthers return to the playoffs this season.

    Looking back over her basketball career, she could not point to one moment that she will remember but more of a transformation that happened. She said, "finally loosening up and just playing ball, started to play more freely and stop thinking about every little move" will be where she looks back with pride. 

    VAHS Coach Tyler Dyer said of Mireya's game, "She has continued to improve her offensive game every year and plays with great toughness and physicality on both ends of the floor." This season Mireya averages seven points and five rebounds a game. 

Mireya Mullins has averaged seven points and fiver rebounds a game this season.

    She has a cheering section at all of her games; you can easily find her dad with a camera and monopod capturing the moments. She said that her parents Chris and Kendra, have always pushed her "just do her best." Along with her parents, both sets of grandparents can be found in the stands, "I am so grateful to have faithful Grandparents that diligently come to every game to cheer me on."

    The Senior has been honored with earning Academic All-District for all years possible. That shows her hard work and dedication to studies, as many might not know that she has Dyslexia. She credited Mrs. Riggs, the VAISD Dyslexia Therapist, for having the most significant impact on her life. Mireya said of Mrs. Riggs, "she taught me how to deal with my Dyslexia. She also helped me view things in new ways and to understand myself and others better."

Mireya Mullins

    Mrs. Riggs shared about the younger Mullins, "She was the kind of student who would brighten my day just by walking into the room. She loved learning and had a wealth of knowledge that she brought to classroom discussions. The most important character trait about Mireya is that she had a tremendous work ethic. She faced the challenges her school work sometimes presented but did not complain or try to give anything less than her very best." 

    Mireya has plans to take her work effort and teachable mindset from her time as Lady Panther into her next phase of life. She has plans to attend college and would like to study architecture. These plans did not surprise her elementary teacher Mrs. Riggs as "She loved learning and loved anything related to science and experimenting. It is not surprising to me that Mireya has done so well in high school, and there is no doubt in my mind that she will do well in the future."

VAHS Seniors (L-R), Mireya Mullins, Kate Carson and Kylie Allen.