9/11 remembered: Herald Democrat reports 20 years later

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Twenty years after the deadliest terrorist attack on American soil, the nation is reflecting on Sept. 11, 2001. And as America continues to mourn the loss of life, more than 1,500 miles from Ground Zero in Manhattan, the Texoma region is also reflecting on a day that is forever marked in American history.

In the Saturday/Sunday edition of the Herald Democrat, the newspaper has several stories in remembrance of that day from a local perspective.

Two local veterans are featured in the article, "Texoma vets talk service, the War on Terror." The pair give the perspectives of what 9/11 was like while living on a military base and how it influenced individuals to joined armed services. They both give their accounts on what tours in Afghanistan and Iraq were like in the 2000s.

The local veterans Penny Poolaw and Colt Floyd currently work in veterans support organizations within the region.

But, the military was not the only entity affected here locally.

In the article, "Sherman Emergency Management Coordinator on 9/11 recalls the day " a local official talks about how 9/11 changed the way communication and emergency services operate.

On that Tuesday morning in Texoma, now Grayson County Sheriff Tom Watt was working as the Sherman Emergency Management Coordinator and Operators Commander. He spoke with the Herald Democrat about how local communication changed and how area agencies have altered operations so that no department is truly alone when it comes to emergency management and response.

If needed, systems are in place so each department has access to and can back up others in a seamless way.

Lastly, former Herald Democrat editor-in-chief Don Eldredge recapped the emotion and passion for reporting in this paper's newsroom 20 years ago. From learning of the attacks while sitting in the almost empty newsroom early that morning to what it took to print the paper's midday special edition and the regular next day edition, Eldredge gives the media perspective of what it meant to cover a national event that had very real local implications.

But more than just about remembering, in this issue of the Herald Democrat, we wanted to talk about forward movement.

For those looking for a place to honor those who served, in the article, "3 local observances on 20th anniversary" individuals can find local observances to participate in that are scheduled for Saturday. Of those events, an expo where local veterans and supporters can find information about area services that benefit those who have served will be held this weekend.

More than 30 organizations looking to help will gather for a meal and information session.

Also, in a special e-edition on the Herald Democrat website, subscribers can read about what communities around the nation are feeling on the 20th anniversary of 9/11.

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