City managers updates council on key projects

By Joshua Baethge
For the Van Alstyne Leader
Van Alstyne’s Central Social District Park is still on track to open in March.

City Manager Lane Jones began his first City Council report of 2022 by thanking them for their dedication to the city.  He said that he greatly appreciated their many hours of time as well as their willingness to serve the city. 

“I would also like to remind you all that you are blessed with a city staff that works every day conducting city business,” he told them. “While praise is not a common occurrence for city staff, I do want to recognize them for the work they do in making the quality of life exceptionally good for our citizens.” 

According to Jones, the Central Social District Park completion date remains on track for a March 28 opening. The grey flatwork has been completed and crews will soon begin pouring stamped and decorative concrete.  Bricks will also soon be installed on the outside of the park restrooms. Tents, tables and chairs ordered for the park have also arrived and are now ready to be put into service. 

“We are waiting on delivery of all ironwork to install the structures,” Jones said. “WE anticipate receiving playground equipment, park benches, and picnic tables within the next 45 days.” 

As for ongoing street projects, work on Dallas Street has been completed. New water and wastewater lines were installed before the road was repaved. Shreveport Street in that area was also repaved since it was in very poor condition.  

Now city crews have turned their attention to Marshall Street, where water and wastewater lines will be replaced before it is paved with concrete. That project is scheduled to be completed by early next month. After that, a similar project will commence on Nunnalee Avenue. 

Lane Jones

Jones also announced that designing engineering firm Pacheco Koch has been hired to help with several road projects.  They include Main Street from Jefferson Street to Marshall Street; Marshall Street from Main Street to Waco; Preston Street from Van Alstyne Parkway to the south side of Marshall Street; Cooper Street from the new downtown park to Waco Street; and Van Alstyne Parkway from the west side of the railroad tracks to Waco Street. A new parking lot will also be constructed on the existing railcars that extend from Marshall Street to Austin Street. 

“This project is in the design stage and a timeline for construction has yet to be determined,” Jones said.