Van Alstyne issued 60 building permits in May

By Joshua Baethge
For the Van Alstyne Leader
Van Alstyne Water Tower

In his report to the City Council on June 8, Van Alstyne City Manager Lane Jones announced that the city had issued 60 building permits during the month of May. Of those, thirty-five were issued for new home development. 

“The Oakbrook development has been released for home construction,” he added. “We anticipated seeing this work underway once the rain subsides and the ground dries.” 

That development was not the only construction project to be impacted by recent rains. Jones said that the timeline for the city’s new downtown park has also been delayed. Crews were able to begin ground clearing during the few days suitable for work. The site is now ready for utility work to commence.  Jones says that he will soon provide a new timeline to keep the council and residents updated on the project’s progress. 

Jones also announced that Risland, the developer of the large Mantua development, had surpassed seventy building permits.  This triggered its first payment for law enforcement services.  

Lane Jones

Per the agreement between Van Alstyne and Risland, the developer is obligated to pay $150,000 when it reaches 50, 450 and 850 building permits.  This money alloys the city to purchase additional equipment needed to provide enhanced law enforcement services.  It is in addition to a proportional share of the police operating expenses that are also paid by Risland. 

At the conclusion of his report, Jones said that city staff has begun the process of developing department level budgets for the upcoming fiscal year. Each department head is required to submit a department budget draft for him to review. Meetings will soon be scheduled with them to discuss department wants and needs before the proposed budget is submitted. Budget workshops will then be scheduled in July to allow the council to review and provide input.