VAHS senior named to all-state band for 3rd time

By Joshua Baethge
For the Van Alstyne Leader
Van Alstyne High School Senior Izzy Chartier was named to the Class 4A All-State band.

For the third consecutive year, Van Alstyne High School flute player Izzy Chartier has been named to the All-State band. As a sophomore and junior, she was part of the Class 3A All-State band.  Van Alstyne moved up to Class 4A this year, but that didn’t stop her from earning the distinction for a third consecutive year.

The achievement was even more impressive considering that Chartier had to deal with COVID-19. Social distancing requirements meant that instead of walking in and playing for a judge, students had to record their performances. This presented all sorts of acoustic issues.

To make things even more challenging, Izzy was still recovering from COVID-19 herself when she was preparing for her regional audition. The virus affected her lungs, and she ended up scoring lower than in previous years. However, she did just well enough to advance to the next round.

“It took me genuinely months to recover lung-wise and my lung capacity is very important to playing my instrument,” she said. “I found myself having to take a break after basically every measure.”

According to her, overcoming the virus took a lot of lung exercises, extra practices, and a good deal of patience with herself. She managed to make it to State again and says she now feels fully recovered.

Flute has long been one of Izzy’s says passions.  She first started playing when she was in sixth grade, and regularly practices as least three hours a day between school and home.  Her mother Tiffany says that she never had to push her daughter to practice. In fact, she says it’s been a treat listing to Izzy over the years communicate through music.

“Music for her is a form of therapy,” Tiffany says. “She relates well to it and she feels it when she plays.  It’s a beautiful thing to listen to her play.”

Local seniors can attest to Izzy's skills. She often serenades residents of assisted living facilities.  She also conducts private lessons for younger students hoping to follow in her footsteps.

Over the past four years, Izzy has also played tenor saxophone for the school jazz band. She played piano for the high school marching band as an eighth-grader and played timpani in the winter drumline as a sophomore. 

While none of her family members are musicians, she says that her whole family is “kind of funky creative,” which helped her develop her own creative outlet. She has also enjoyed learning from Van Alstyne High School band instructors Timothy Fulton and John Apodaca, both of whom she is extremely grateful for.

After graduating from high school, Izzy plans to go to Baylor University in the fall. She will major in chemistry with the intention of focusing on medicine. She also hopes to minor in music.

“That way I can continue my passion for music and then be more credible later on in life, play in adult symphonies, teach private adult lessons, and that kind of thing,” she says.

Van Alstyne High School Senior Izzy Chartier was named to the Class 4A All-State band.