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$1 for 3 months

Work set to begin on Dallas Street, Clements Avenue

By Joshua Baethge
For the Van Alstyne Leader
Van Alstyne Water Tower

In his monthly report to the City Council, City Manager Lane Jones said that city crews are about to begin infrastructure improvements on Dallas Street and Clements Avenue. Notices to homeowners along the work routes are scheduled to be sent out on Feb. 15.  Work will then commence the following week.

On Dallas Street between Jefferson Street and Shreveport Street, that work will include installing new water lines, sewer lines, water meters and connector lines. Cleanouts along the street will also be replaced. When that works is done, crews will then re-pave the street with a new asphalt overlay at a cost of $429,046.

Similar work will also be completed along Clements Avenue between John Douglas Road and Pearl Street. Crews will install a new sewer main, residential collection lines and cleanouts. When that work is completed, the street will also be paved with asphalt.  The Clements Road project will cost $286,883.  Funding for both street projects comes from impact fee revenue as well as a quarter-cent street tax.

Project Plans Proceed

Lane Jones

Jones also announced in his report to the council construction of the Central Social District is still on track to begin in March. Design team Pacheco Koch has submitted final plans for the city engineer and Piazza Construction to review. The city will host an initial pre-bid meeting on Feb 17. All contractors are invited to review the project and tour the site.

In other big project news, both Mantua Point Phase 1 and Thompson Farms Phase 1 have been issued building permits to construct model homes.  Jones says that construction should begin before the end of the month.

According to him, Van Alstyne continues to show positive performance metrics that are reflective of a resilient and healthy community.  Sales tax revenue continues to come in both above budget and ahead of last year's pace. The same is true of water and sewer fees, community development fees and building permits. In January the city issued 62 building permits, including 13 for new homes. Over the first two days of February, the city issued seven more permits for new homes.  It’s a trend Jones believes will continue as the Mantua, Thompson Farms and Oakbrook developments begin to take shape.

“I would like to thank the entire city staff for all they do for our community,” Jones said at the conclusion of his report. “We are blessed with a quality group of people that care about Van Alstyne.”