Trinity Realty Group Merges with Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Winans

By Joshua Baethge
Van Alstyne Leader
Better homes and Gardens Real Estate Winans will now have a presence in both DFW and Texoma.

Sherman based Trinity Realty Group has merged with Dallas/Fort Worth’s Better Home and Gardens Real Estate Winans. The combined brokerage will now be the tenth largest affiliate under the Better Homes and Gardens umbrella in terms of transaction sides and volume.  Last yet the firm reported more than $556 million in sales. Brokerage president Mark McDonough says the move is a match made in heaven that works out perfectly.  

“We’re always looking for quality ways to efficiently grow the business without sacrificing the culture that we have and the reputation that we have,” he said. “They (Trinity Realty) have the right culture and they’ve got amazing agents that really fit with what we do.”

The expanded firm will now boast more than 200 agents spread across eight offices. Their target market will span from the heart of DFW through the Sherman/Denison area up to Durant, Okla. 

David and Dana Winans founded their real estate group in 1984 and affiliated with Better Homes and Gardens in 2010.  David remains the broker of record while Dana handles relocation business, which accounts for a significant part of their business.

Better homes and Gardens Real Estate Winans will now have a presence in both DFW and Texoma.

Trinity Realty Group was founded by Lisa Carrillo and Robing Mata. They will remain with the company and focus on sales. 

McDonough will oversee joint operations between the new partners. He says the Texoma area was an attractive market to expand to because of its potential future growth.  Many people from the Dallas/Fort Worth area are buying second homes near Lake Texoma.  However, it’s not just weekenders moving to the areas. More families working from home has made living near the urban core less of a necessity. Now they are finding that they can have the extra land and maintain social distancing without giving up their current jobs.

As has been the case with most real estate businesses, Better Homes and Gardens Winans faced significant challenges during the spring.  Shutdowns mandated but the COVID-19 pandemic brought business nearly to a standstill.  When business resumed in the summer, buyers came back in droves.

This fall, which is typically one of the slower times of the real estate year has actually been really busy, something McDonough attributes to pent-up demand.

“We’ve been lucky as an industry to be able to continue to support the community, which has been great,” he said