VAN ALSTYNE — With the end of the school year and the beginning of summer comes summer sports. This year, Van Alstyne head football coach Mikeal Miller will be helping run and coach a 7-on-7 football league.

This year two programs will be offered to the community, with one focusing on incoming seventh and eight graders and another offered for high school aged kids. The seventh and eighth grade program will be managed in Melissa, while the high school program will be in Van Alstyne with games played every Monday night starting Monday, June. 4.

The high school league comprises of Melissa, Anna, McKinney Christian and Van Alstyne.

“It’s just giving the kids a chance to go out, throw the football around a little bit and have some fun together,” Miller said. “We will be working on both defensive and offensive skills, but overall its about just spending an evening together and playing some football.”

This will be the first year for seventh and eighth graders to play summer football. With summer baseball taking up most of the kids’ time, the league was unable to fill rosters.

“We’ve never had a problem filling the high school rosters,” Miller said, “but the middle school has been a bit of a challenge. But with the way the town and schools growing, I have no doubt we will fill the roster this year.”

While the high school rosters are full, Miller is still looking for incoming middle school aged kids who are interested in playing. Parents can contact Miller at to sign up.

Van Alstyne is also offering a strength and conditioning camp for incoming sixth through twelfth grade boys and girls. A flyer on the Van Alstyne ISD website provides more information about the program.