Van Alstyne (7-3,3-2) vs. Sunnybale (10-0,8-2)

Van Alstyne will not have to search too far back in its film library to find evidence of the strength of the Raiders. Van Alstyne lost to Sunnyvale in the bi-district round last year and the usual suspects return for this year’s test.

The Panthers prize for finishing fourth in District 5-3A(1) is a Nov. 11 date in Princeton with Sunnyvale, District 6-3A (1) champions.

At time the veracity of Max Preps numbers are doubted, but the posted digits for the Raiders check out pretty much with Dallas Morning News information.

In 10 games, Sunnyvale has scored less than 49 points just twice.

The Raiders scored 70 points in one game and 60 in a couple.

Senior Caleb McDill, No. 12, guides the Sunnyvale offense and he has completed 127 of 175 pass attempts for 1,900 yards and 32 touchdowns.

Cash Goodhart, No. 2, and Chima Enyinna, No. 1, both seniors, have 18 and 10 touchdown catches respectively.

Trey Sterling, No. 3, another 2017 graduate, has rushed for 1765 yards and 28 scores.

Scary isn’t it.

But this team got to where it is because Whitesboro beat a team everyone thought was a lock to finish another unbeaten district season.

Howe ( 7-3,3-2) vs. Grandview (8-2. 5-2)

After finishing second in District 5-3A (1) the Howe Bulldogs will play Grandview in the bi-district round of the 2016 playoffs.

The Zebras finished third in District 6-3A (I) after losing,45-36 to Sunnyvale and 50-43 to Madison.

It’s difficult to explain UIL reasoning to some folks, but Grandview plays football in Region 2, but competes in Region 3 for all other sports.

As far as news and information concerning the Zebras football team, they could have been playing in Utah.

We do know that the teams’ biggest concern going into the season was finding a quarterback.

Sophomore Landon Moon, No. 12, has quarterbacked the team in its last couple games, but the big noise makers are seniors Keyondrick Rollison, No. 3, and Josh Nash, No. 17. Both were all-state selections last year when the Zebras advanced to the regional semifinals before losing to Cameron Yoe which lost to Brock in the state championship game.

The leading rusher for Grandview has been junior Earnest Crownover, No. 4.

Grandview scored 47, 59, then 65 in its first three games of the season, all non-district matchups.

The Zebras lost to Sunnyvale, 45-36 before losing in week 10 to Madison, 50-43.

They do believe in keeping a lid on the information pipeline, to mix metaphors, but the only other players listed in the DCTF magazine article were offensive lineman Ethan Campbell, No. 50, sophomore guard Jake Bons, listed at 6-2,220 and wearing No. 67, and Dylan Moore, a junior linebacker who wears No. 13. Better buy a program to make sure any of this is still applicable.

The games will be played at Justin Northwest on Nov. 11 with a 7:30 kickoff.