Fellow citizens,

This note will just be a rundown on what is expected to be on the city council’s agenda for this meeting coming up on Sept. 13.

Of course the meeting will start with any citizen communications on any civil subject. We will then move on to public hearings. So far, the public hearings will concern the water rate, the 2017 city budget and the zoning change request item that also appeared on last month’s agenda. That item is a request for a change from Single Family Residential District-1 (SF-1) to Single Family Residential District – Zero Lot Line Homes (SF-Z) at 722 S. Main Drive, here in Van Alstyne.

The budget item and the zoning change request will appear again later in the evening as action items for council.

Anticipating some public reaction to either or both the budget and the zoning items, we will handle questions first and then comments. Hopefully both the questions and the comments will be concise and “on-point” as council will need to move on and consider both the presentations and all reactions during the action item portion of the meeting.

Next, we will move on to the agenda items for council action. As I mentioned above, both the 2017 budget and the zoning change request will be considered by the council. Additionally, the following will be considered for action:

The wrecker ordinance;

The water rate ordinance;

A Parks and Rec. board reappointment of Kaaren Teuber;

A resolution of a matter concerning the ETJs of the cities of Weston and Van Alstyne;

Discussion of and impact fee study;

A discussion regarding the possibility of an Economic Development Corporation employee becoming a city employee.

At the bottom of the agenda will be an executive session. Executive sessions are limited to a very short list of possible subjects, including consultation with our city attorney, and at this time I am not sure what may be reserved for an executive session.

I hope these notes are helpful for you. Thanks everyone.

Yours truly,

Mayor Larry Cooper