Van Alstyne’s Fall der All festival will not be held this year due to COVID-19 concerns.

While the number of local cases remains low, uncertainty over the coming months made planning the event nearly impossible.

Although the festival technically could have been held with city approval and proper social distancing regulations, ensuring such safety measures would be adhered to would have been nearly impossible.

Sponsors also remained wary of committing resources in light of both the evolving health situation and the ever-changing regulations in response to it.

"There just aren’t the resources there to put-on these kinds of events without sponsorships," Van Alstyne Chamber of Commerce President Barbie Griffin said.

In discussions with the chamber, Van Alstyne Mayor Jim Atchison said that if the coronavirus situation improved in the coming months, the city would be willing to donate a stage and invite a band out to play.

However, that idea was also tabled after considering the difficulty of planning for a last-minute event without a budget.

While the annual fall festival was not a major revenue generator for the city, Griffin it was a labor of love for those who took part.

It was also a great showcase for the city of Van Alstyne. The event has grown so much in recent years that a professional festival company was brought in this year. This would have meant a larger selection of both bands and vendors.

"Not every vendor is from Van Alstyne, but people don’t mind," Griffin said. "It’s nice to get vendors to come up, see the town and maybe even consider opening a store here."

The Van Alstyne Chamber’s annual celebrity golf tournament benefiting Special Olympics also had to be canceled. Last year’s tournament at Hurricane Creek Country Club featured 10 former NFL players and raised three times more money than any previous year.

One fall event that remains on track for now is the fall Music in the Park series. Held once per month, the September 15 concert will feature the band Bent Creek, which is known throughout North Texas and Southern Oklahoma for its country and rock covers.

Retriever will take the stage at Dorothy Fielder Park on Oct. 20. It specializes in hits from the ‘70s and ‘80s.

The Chamber will confirm the status of these two shows by the end of August.

Photos courtesy Van Alstyne Community Development Corporation