Jim Atchison was officially sworn in as mayor during a special Van Alstyne City Council meeting Tuesday night.

Atchison thanked those in attendance, who cheered after he completed his oath of office, saying that he appreciated their support both now and going forward.

Atchison replaces Steve Riley, who resigned earlier this month after he and his wife sold their home and moved out of the city.

Before he was sworn in, the council confirmed that Atchison had officially resigned as chairman of the Planning and Zoning Commission effective midnight June 22. In his resignation letter, he said that it had been his pleasure to serve on the commission.

"With my acceptance of the opportunity to serve the city as mayor, I find it necessary to resign as a P&Z commissioner," he said. "I am confident in the abilities and dedication of the remaining members."

New Board Announced

Also on the council agenda Tuesday night was the appointment of a new seven-member board to oversee both the city’s Community Development Corporation and the Economic Development Corporation.

While the two entities technically remain separate, both boards of directors will be made up of the same people.

The individual boards of both corporations were dissolved by the City Council in a previous meeting so that the new combined group could be appointed.

In order to foster continuity, four members were appointed to two-year terms and three were appointed to one-year terms.

Staggering the terms in this way ensures that the entire board cannot be dismissed at the same time. Going forward, all terms will last two years.

Those chosen to serve two-year terms were Dave Sileven, Mark Moss, Alesha Crowell and Wayne Womack. The one-year term members are Sherry Jeffcoat, Robert Jaska and Brad Clough.

The city received many applications for the new board. Multiple council members took time to thank all the applicants, encouraging them to stay engaged and to consider applying for future vacancies.

"It was a really tough decision," Councilmember Katrina Arsenault said. "We wish everyone the best of luck and hopefully we will see the names that weren’t added today in the future."