Mary Jane Farmer

For the Van Alstyne Leader

Builders paid $19,922 in permit fees for construction of 10 new homes, a business, signs, law sprinklers, replacement of water cut-off valves and other projects.

Van Alstyne True Value is being built by Gerald and Amanda Rutledge and family, who took out a permit for a 4,800 square- foot building at the corner of East Van Alstyne Parkway and North Main Drive. Ground was broken on the project early this month. McCollum & Associates is the builder.

Wesco Homes drew permits to build four homes on Gilcrease Street, which are shown on the Permitting Activity sheets to be custom homes.

Stonehollow Homes purchased permits for six new homes to go into the Georgetown area on Providence Drive and Portsmouth Place.

Construction is underway at 385 N. Henry Hynds Expressway, on structures that will house Dominos Pizza and other businesses is being raised. A building permit for both shell buildings, totaling 9,700 square feet, was taken out. A fire package permit was also obtained for the facility.

Landmark Bank, at 1189 W. Van Alstyne Parkway, which is in the process of merging with the Simmons Bank system, obtained permits for 13 new signs depicting its new name, Simmons First National Bank. These are directional, wall, and pylon signs, according to the Permitting Activity sheets. Bank officials expect the merger to be complete in mid-February.