By Mary Jane Farmer

For the Van Alstyne Leader

Reading advocate Samantha Cather has placed a Little Free Library book box outside her home at 450 Kelly Lane.

“My daughter was on the board with Richardson’s Friends of the Library,” she said. “They had this program in place, but nobody to work it, so my daughter developed the Little Free Library program. It’s been in place there for a couple of years”

Cather said she watched as the book box brought that neighborhood together.

“It created a community within the neighborhood,” she said.

Cather, a Van Alstyne resident for a dozen years, decided to initiate the program here.

A neighbor dug the hole for the post of the book box and, after it was attractively painted, Cather put her own books in it to begin the selection process. She added multicolored flags to help people locate the box.

On Jan. 1, she posted on social media about the box and the program.

“I haven’t talked to all my neighbors, but those with whom I spoke have been supportive,” she said.

Kelly Lane features new pavement, and Cather said there are a few people who regularly walk their dogs or jog there. Also, children are often around after school. “Anybody is welcome to use the box,” she explained.

Those who drive to the location will need to park their vehicles on the pavement, as there is no shoulder on the road. Cather said there is not a lot of vehicle traffic there. “It’s not a busy street.”

She expects that children’s books will be popular. “Not so much the young kids, but rather the young adults.” She also suspects that current fiction and nonfiction titles will be among the favorite selections of those who use the box.

If more books are taken out than put into the box, Cather said she has books set aside to restock the box.