The possible uses for Van Alstyne land cleared recently haven’t yet been identified, but the possibilities are varied.

The city recently had the old Van Alstyne football field cleared completely.

The football field has rested on city-owned property, and with city permission, for many decades, but has been out of use since the Van Alstyne Independent School District completed and put its new football field behind the high school. Since then, the old field has remained unused and unrepaired. It saw some use as a storage place for new garbage and recycling polycarts, and other such practices, but not as a sports facility.

The city contracted with U-Con Backhoe Service of Irving to clear the land. They cleaned up each stack of debris after knocking it down, such as the bleachers and the concessions, before moving onto the next challenge.

When the workers got to the press box, they found it even more difficult than the other structures to take down. The crew used pressure-tested ropes and chains, but couldn’t bring it down. They then used power saws to break through the iron posts holding the press box up, but still couldn’t demolish it. Finally, after breaking the pulling chains and replacing them, and with all the posts severed at least three quarters of the way through, and some totally cut through, the workers brought the aged and much-used building to the ground.

“There’s a reason that building lasted six decades,” one worker said with a smile.

City officials have not yet said how the property, which is just south of the Van Alstyne ISD Administration building, will be used.