The Van Alstyne Chamber of Commerce’s Ultimate Fan Golf Tournament went off without a hitch Monday at Hurricane Creek Country Club.

Chamber Executive Director Tiffany Chartier called it a “huge succes.” Former NFL players, Special Olympians, players, volunteers and sponsors took part to benefit the Van Alstyne Chamber of Commerce and the Van Alstyne Special Olympics. Among the 11 retired NFL players who take part in the tournament was Gary Reasons, who won two Super Bowls with the New York Giants.

“I was excited that our Chamber board unanimously voted to benefit our local Van Alstyne Special Olympics Program with our annual golf tournament,” Chamber President Barbie Griffin said previously. “This was a game-changer. We amped up the traditional event by reaching out to professional sports figures. Once they learned the Van Alstyne Chamber of Commerce golf event would benefit our local Special Olympic program, the celebrities expressed joy and quickly committed 100% to this incredible event.”

Van Alstyne ISD Athletic Director Mikeal Miller said the district’s Special Olympics program is the largest in Region 10.

“Van Alstyne ISD was blessed to start hosting events for Special Olympics four years ago,” Miller said. “One thing that makes our Special Olympics events unique is that we provide meals for all athletes and coaches to help lessen the burden of things they need to bring to attend these events. As our area continues to grow, we are excited to expand each event and explore other ways we can continue to serve these athletes and this organization. The funds raised will help us continue to provide meals and awards for our Special Olympics events and also allow us to explore other ways to serve this great organization.”