Witches, princesses, cowboys and more roamed the sidewalks of downtown Van Alstyne Saturday, filling up their goody bags with candies of all sorts destined to please all palates once home.

It was the traditional Saturday night Trick or Treat night in downtown, this year spearheaded by the Van Alstyne Chamber of Commerce.

“Candy, costumes, and community — what a fun way to celebrate the season,” Van Alstyne Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Tiffany Chartier said via email. “(It was) a beautiful evening bursting with superheroes of all ages.”

For two hours, about 400 youngsters of all ages, plus costumed grown-ups who had as much fun as the younger set, walked from store to store, holding out their bags in anticipation of the forthcoming treats. There were even a few costumed dogs going along on the trek. Store owners sat outside with their treats, some in costume, some with smoke bellowing upward from brew pots, and some letting their own costumed children pass out the confections.

BankcorpSouth employees handed out full fists of candy, placing treats carefully into each bag, pumpkin-shaped bucket or cap that was offered as collection vessels.

The one common denominator throughout the crowd was the big smile seen on faces, even those painted up as skulls or bearded out as outlaws.