The Friend of the Van Alstyne Library recently held its annual car show, with proceeds going toward the local children’s summer reading program. Last year, the library had around 1,300 children participate in the summer reading program.

The 23rd Van Alstyne Car Show was hosted in honor of Robert “Bob” Bishop, a long-time member and collector of classic cars. One of the winners was presented with best in show in Bishop’s honor. The show featured cars from a wide range of years and models — from a 1932 Ford Truck to a 1999 convertible. All cars can be considered if they are a collectible. The components that determine that a car is a collectible are; age, body style and rarity.

Car shows have been around for many decades to let car owners bring their classic, or even newer, vehicles to be judged and viewed. The participants are judged on several things, such as how much of the car is still the original parts, the condition of the car and the way it runs.

The Van Alstyne Car Show presented six awards. The first was presented by Mayor Steve Riley for Mayor’s Choice, which went to Jeff Share, owner of the 1932 black two-door Ford. The second was a judge’s choice award, chosen by Larry Adams. The winner of that award was Larry Fletcher, owner of the burgundy Chevelle SS. The third was judge Rick Duncan’s choice and the winner was John Spencer, owner of the 1954 Red Chevy Corvette. The last award was judge Rodney Williams’ choice and it went to the 1972 Plymouth Duster owned by Daniel Niece.

The first runner up for Best in Show was the 1937 Red Chevy Camaro, owned by Ben Wright. The final award given was in honor of Bishop for Best in Show. The winner of the award went to the 1967 Chevy Camaro owned by Lauren and Jim Nagey.