Monday was the Van Alstyne Public Library’s summer reading program’s “Lego Day.” Tables throughout the Community Center were stacked with Legos in sizes appropriate to the ages of those participating. The children each picked up a sack of Legos at the front table as they arrived, and then were also able to search through several boxes of additional ones needed to make their creations come alive.

“This program stimulates creativity and building skills at all levels,” Library Director Judy Kimzey said. “It’s one of the most popular programs every year.”

Maria Hickson, who brought her two children, ages five and two, said that many of the children are familiar with Legos.

“As soon as you tell them it’s Legos Day, they know what they want to build,” she said and her son knew he wanted to build a rocket ship, and completed that project.

Many of the completed projects are on display at the Van Alstyne Public Library.

This Monday’s event, “Strike, Shake & Scrape,” is a high-energy program that treats students to expert percussion performances. It begins at 10:30 a.m., at the Community Center and, like all the program’s event, are free and geared to children of all ages.