Van Alstyne firefighters responded to a grass fire on U.S. Highway 75 this week, and were able to quickly get it put out. The firefighters accomplished this feat in what could be record time, possibly preventing damage to nearby businesses.

Van Alstyne Fire Chief Ryan Dockery took the opportunity to mention, “as a friendly reminder,” that lighted cigarettes, tossed from a moving vehicle, are the worst offenders in starting grass fires, but chains dragging from beneath a vehicle can also be dangerous, as can controlled burns left unattended.

“Although the grass is green now, there could be dry vegetation, last year’s dead grass, underneath the greenery,” Dockery said.

If anyone sees a grass fire along the highway, Dockery said they should instantly call 911 and the responding fire department will have a greater chance to preventing that grass fire from spreading and causing heavy damage.

In Van Alstyne, controlled burns are only allowed outside of city limits. Dockery suggested that, as the dry season approaches, people can make themselves aware of burn bans, which are set by the Grayson County Commissioners Court, by watching the Van Alstyne Fire Department’s Facebook page, and through other media.