Puppets came alive Monday morning with children pulling the strings and helping storyteller Dru Woods create the magical moments that held the interests of parents and children alike.

This was the second in a seven-part event series designed to stimulate imagination while learning, and is provided for by the non-profit and fundraising Friends of the Library.

Library Director Judy Kimzey said her staff created this series, along with the complete summer reading program also administered through the public library, to help children beat the summer slump.

“The summer slump is when they are away from school — students tend to slide backwards from academics and this helps them keep those brains mobile, active until they start school again,” Kimzey said.

Woods flooded the Community Center with puppets of several sorts, including arm puppets and string puppets. She centered many of her stories around astrology, either real or fantasy, and selected children of several ages to help with the stories. One story was accented with an easy-lyric song that taught the names and locations of planets. Another involved a pretend-alien, a volunteering child in a silver costume, and sock puppets who were also aliens but who didn’t want to give up their home to the foreboding intruder. Her story sounded familiar, and at the end, she had the children identify how many fairy tales she had incorporated, such as “the Three Little Pigs.”

At the end, the children were all allowed to again don the puppets and make their own fun with their friends.

This series runs through July 15, and begin Mondays at 10:30 a.m. at the Van Alstyne Community Center. They are all free of charge. Next week, June 17, is Big Rig Day, which Kimzey said will feature the large vehicles used by the Van Alstyne police, fire and public works departments, who will be letting the children climb aboard the apparatus in the Community Center parking lot.