In the Building Permits report for May, K. Hovanian Homes, which builds all across the nation, obtained five permits for new homes in the Sanford Park area on the north side of Van Alstyne. In all, there were 27 permits issued in May.

Those five new homes are shown to be on Vawter, Wiggins, McCoy, and Evans streets. Some have signs displayed stating they are already sold. These homes range in estimated value, according to the building permit report, between $268,000 and $297,000.

J. Hovanian Homes has one house in Sanford Park being used as its local sales office.

Van Alstyne Family Dental took out a permit for a building at 1286 W van Alstyne Parkway, valued at $119,000, and North Texas Family Health is now permitted to build two buildings at 980 W. Van Alstyne Parkway, both at 1,802 square feet in size. Calls to a medical facility in McKinney using the same name to gather more information were not returned.

Permits were also issued to build six-foot fences in the Graywood Heights area. There are currently both wrought-iron and wood fences in the area.

Permits were also issued for replacement of water heaters, electrical work, standby generators, concrete parking lot pavement, landscape irrigation and a covered patio.

Total value of the work being done, including the five new homes under construction, is shown at $1,806,240, with a total of $9,163 income in permit fees to the city.