During the past three months, building permits have escalated from nine issued in February to 19 issued in March and then 30 in April.

Of those 58 permits, 15 are for newly-constructed homes or buildings. All indicate they are for single-family residences.

Even Van Alstyne City Hall, which is in a leased building for a few more years, took out building permits to allow for the removal of awnings from over the raised sidewalk in front of the building. The area is shaded by trees planted at intervals in that raised sidewalk.

The old city hall building, at 242 E. Jefferson, is under remodel and the contractor purchased more building permits in April to allow for moving of upstairs walls. One applicant obtained a permit to allow for adding a solar panel to his rooftop, and another to construct a fence on his property.

K. Hovanian Homes, building in Sanford Park, and Stone Hollow Homes obtained seven building permits each. Stone Hollow is building in the Georgetown area. The 15th building permit was for a new building going up on Texana Drive. The estimated values of these new homes range from $110,000 to $299,000.

Other permits allowed for installation of water sprinkler and landscape irrigation systems, remodeling inside homes, electrical improvements, gas line replacement and old-house demolition.

The total fees paid to the city added up to $16,670.