The Van Alstyne City Council decided on dates for public hearings, approved one set of by-law changes and postponed approval for another group’s bylaws.

However, before that happened, Mayor Steve Riley presented Brenda Hix and Sherry Heath with a proclamation honoring their years of “great service to the community.” Hix and Heath bought The Durning House from the original resident’s building and owner’s grandson in late 1980s, opened the doors to the complex in 1989. After their purchase, they have built around the original house, but worked to keep it within the classic décor and design. They closed recently. The proclamation states that “The closing of the Durning House Restaurant and Bed and Breakfast is met with sadness as it signifies the closing of a place of great food, friends, and fellowship.”

The consent agenda, approved unanimously, included allowing the mayor to apply for a grant application from the state for “police vehicle, radio, and equipment;” selling 16 million gallons of water to the city of Melissa as part of the agreement we have with them to use the allocated water at a cost, in this case of $25,939 paid to Van Alstyne; and an interlocal agreement with Grayson County to make repairs to several streets around town.

Agenda Item 13 was about the Rolling Ridge residential area at Redden Road and Highway 5. It’s developers are requesting voluntary annexation into the city. Likewise, the Laer Trams development at U.S. Hwy 75 and Kelly Lane are requesting volunteer annexation. That development will be primarily commercial with some multi-family dwelling included.

The two required public hearings for those annexation requests are at City Hall on March 5 and April 9, prior to the scheduled 6:30 p.m. council meetings.

The newly-seated Parks & Recreation Board has reworked its by-laws to reflect, primarily, that it is an advisory board only, and that it will be working with and through the city manager and a parks and recreation director. The revised by-laws were approved with the revision of several words in it.

The Council voted to table the approval of the Van Alstyne Economic Development Corporations proposed changes to their by-laws. These included the elimination of the job of Executive Director and instead allowing for part- or full-time employees and who could be allowed into and participate in executive sessions. Council Member Suzon Crowell brought up some wording issues in the by-laws that she felt were unnecessary or awkward. EDC Board President Trent Voigt explained that they only invite anyone in who can make their decisions based on better information. Secretary Laura Cooper explained that the previous by-laws were not completely in compliance with state law, and many that these revisions were to bring them into compliance. This request will be brought back to the Council after proposed future revisions are made.

The Council will meet at 6:30 p.m. March 5, a week before their regularly scheduled date, in order for families to take advance of school spring break. This and all agenda will be posted on the city’s Website, as required by law. The public hearing notices will be printed as required in the Van Alstyne Leader.