Van Alstyne girl selected to play for the 2019 Team USA Basketball Team. Emma Donald will attend the NCAA Exposure Boot Camp over the summer. She will have the opportunity to train with NBA professional trainers.

The summer boot camp is part of the 365 Sports Program. As a member of the 365-Team USA, Donald will then participate in the Italy International Cup Tournament in Italy.

Donald gained the opportunity to participate with 365 Sports because of her exceptional play and her dedication to the sport of basketball. Donald was found while playing AAU tournaments and was nominated to participate.

According to the press release, “The 365 Sports Program is an opportunity available to select individuals that demonstrate elite play on the court and who are striving to raise their game to the next level. The program offers athletes a comprehensive opportunity developing character building skills that will remain with them for a lifetime.”

The coaches who lead the organization are former collegiate and professional and they encompass the athlete experience for the current basketball player and the demands of the game.

Athletes who take part in the boot camp will be immersed in an intense training environment where they will earn advanced methods by professional trainers. They will be challenged to take their sill development to a higher level.

While playing in Italy, Donald will have the opportunity to visit and tour many Italian tourist spots — Florence, Venice, Tuscany and many of the museums of Italy.

The CEO of 365 Sports, Rik Seymour said the boot camp is a once in a lifetime opportunity. “The 365 Sports experience is a tremendous opportunity for a young athlete to develop their character, playing skills, enhance their leadership ability, and elevate their game to a new level. It provides the athlete a unique way in which to experience the sharing of knowledge between people of different nationalities. “

According to the website, participation in the program is a “significant investment.” Anybody who wishes to donate to the cause and sponsor Donald, so she can take advantage of the opportunity to learn from the best can contact 365 Sports.

365 Sports Corporate Headquarters is in Raleigh, NC. For more information on the 365 Sports programs, go to or call 919.948.3380.