Amarillo Hospital District Indigent Care and Funding Priorities Committees:
5:45 p.m., Department of Public Health - 1000 Martin Rd.

The agenda notes the committees will address and potentially take action on the following: JO Wyatt and Public Health staff will jointly present findings of the 2017 annual Quality and Access audit; receive the HEDIS measures annual report; receive a Joint Commission report provided every three years and the annual progress report; and receive select measures from the 2015 Quality and Access Indicators audit.

Amarillo Independent School District:
6 p.m., ISD Education Support Center, 7200 I-40 West

The board will conduct discussion regarding school safety and security, including the deployment and implementation of security measures; implementation of security devices and deployment of security personnel; and other procedures, devices and plans related to the safety of students, staff and property.



Amarillo City Council:
Noon, Council Chamber – Third Floor
509 SE 7th Ave.

The Amarillo City Council will conduct a work session for public comment.

Amarillo City Council:
1 p.m., Council Chamber – Third Floor
509 SE 7th Ave.

The agenda calls for the Council to consider the second and final reading of an ordinance adopting the City of Amarillo budget for the 2018-19 fiscal year; consider a second and final reading of an ordinance approving the City of Amarillo tax roll, setting an ad valorem property tax rate and levying a tax on all property subject to taxation within the city for the 2018 tax year; and take a separate ratification vote on the tax rate when the adopted budget requires more property tax revenue than did the previous year's budget.

Potter County Commissioners’ Court:
5:30 p.m., 500 S. Fillmore – Room 106

The commissioners will conduct a second and final public hearing on the proposed tax rate of .68500 per $100 valuation for the fiscal year beginning Oct. 1, 2018; and announce Monday, Sept. 24, at 9 a.m. in the Potter County Commissioners’ courtroom, 500 S. Fillmore, as the date, time and place for adoption of a tax rate by the Potter County Commissioners’ Court.



Convention and Visitor Council:
8:30 a.m., 1000 S. Polk

The agenda notes the council will receive a presentation on accomplishing FY 2018 tasks; receive a presentation and discuss Hotel Occupancy Tax collections and monthly financials; and receive presentations and discuss Arts, Communications and Convention and Tourism Committee reports.

Amarillo Firemen’s Relief and Retirement Fund Board of Trustees:
10 a.m., City Hall – Room 306
509 SE 7th Ave.

City staff will present a summary of the fund’s revenue and expenditures from the previous month; the fund’s trading report will be presented as prepared by Abel Noser; the board will review and acknowledge receipt of the Written Investment Report from the fund’s investment manager; the board will consider payment of the quarterly statement from the Fund’s Investment Manager; the board will consider payment of the quarterly statement from the fund’s investment counselor; the board will consider payment to the fund’s legal counsel; the board will discuss and consider annual funding of city administrative costs associated with the plan; and the board will discuss and consider a notice to be furnished to the membership related to the amortization period being greater than 40 years per the 12/31/17 valuation.

Amarillo Local Government Corporation:
11:30 a.m., City Hall – Room 306
509 SE 7th Ave.

The board will hear a presentation on quarterly parking garage financials; receive project updates on the convention center parking garage, downtown parking management, convention center hotel, MPEV and parking garage retail; discuss and take possible action on parking garage marketing; and receive a Panhandle Baseball Club update.