There’s a little shotgun-style building tucked away in downtown Van Alstyne, with its new façade (courtesy of the city’s Community Development Corporation, that is the hub of activities for many of the town’s seniors. The Van Alstyne Senior Center, at 148 S. Main across from the county government center and the Railcar park, hosts activities that are good for the soul, good for the health, and just got for friendship and fun.

Saturday night, the Braeden Paul bluegrass band, which kept the hall moving with their Bill Monroe and countless other acoustic bluegrass songs. It’s the Second Saturday of every month that there’s live music.

Paul said later, “I had a great time, so cool to see people enjoying themselves and dancing to my band’s music.”

And the dancing did happen, just like Braeden said. Mostly, it was Cajun waltzes, with couples circling around the floor, twirling and changing partners.

Meanwhile, those who weren’t dancing were enjoying their pizza, homemade desserts, and visiting with longtime and new friends.

The Senior Center is open Monday-Friday, from 9 a.m. until 4 p.m. It serves lunches to those who can get there and provides lunch, through the Tri-County Senior Nutrition Project, aka Meals on Wheels of Texoma, to those who can’t. There’s a little bit of a charge for those in-house lunches, and people who plan to be there should call or sign in before 10:30 a.m. to be sure there’s enough to go around.

For those who may need to take advantage of, or volunteer to deliver, Meals on Wheels, go Online to

The Center also provides bingo for participants at 12:30 p.m. Thursdays, has the domino and card games going on almost all of the time it’s open, provides chair fitness classes, and celebrates holidays with potluck parties.

Joyce White coordinates all the activities at the Senior Center, and has the help of several daily volunteers. The Center is run by a Board of Directors and counts often on donations to help them get it all accomplished. To that end, donors have handcrafted seven items to be raffled off during Fall der All, October 13, at the Center. These items are original paintings, wooden jewelry and a tray, a full-bed sized Texas symbol blanket and a crocheted baby blanket. Tickets are already available at the Center and through the board members. Unfortunately, those are not listed on the Website, but White can give you a list.

This fundraiser is earmarked for a wide electric door opening designed to accommodate wheelchairs.