At the August 21 meeting of the Van Alstyne City Council, the Council approved a new system of replacing members of the city’s boards of directors,

This covers the Parks & Recreation Board, Public Library Board, Planning & Zoning Commission, Community Development Corporation, and the Economic Development Board, all of which have upcoming vacancies.

Van Alstyne City Manager Lane Jones said, “The Council asked that I develop for their consideration and approval a single application process that was user-friendly, easy to access, and capable of reaching as many Van Alstyne residents as possible.”

Each entity has designated lengths of terms for service on the board. In the past, people have had to pick up an application at the various offices when someone was available to help the applicant, or at City Hall. The current boards have reviewed applicants and sent their recommendations on to City Council for approval or denial of those applicants.

Somewhat to an extent, that will remain in place. What has changed is that City Hall will post all upcoming openings on its Website,, 90 days before the seat is to become vacant. And the calendar pages start turning.

For 30 days after that posting, Jones said, qualified applicants, can turn in their notices of interest to City Hall. “All board applications are now available on the city Website, where the applicant can access the form online and import a resume if they so choose, and then his ‘send.’”

After 30 calendar days, the application process will close. “No need to drive to a board office or City Hall to complete a paper application,” Jones said.

The second 30-day period will allow those on the current departments’ boards to review those applications and, as before, make their recommendations to City Council.

And the 60-90 day period will be the time that the City Council members can review the applicants, and they will vote on which applicants will be added to which boards at the City Council meeting during that time period.

Jones said, “Our first set of board postings went live on the city Website September 4, with openings on CDC, EDC, P&Z, Parks & Recreation, and Library boards all coming available. The Board postings will remain open to accept applications until October 4, at which time the applications will be reviewed for residence requirements, then sent to the individual boards (Oct. 5-Nov. 6) for review and ranking before being sent to the City Council for board selection.”

The third 30-day period allows time for the Council Members to review all the applications, will run from Nov. 7-Dec. 6. There is a regular meeting City Council meeting within that time frame, November 13.

“I am pleased with the early response to the board postings and encourage anyone interested in serving our community to go Online and apply,” Jones said.

The City Council regularly meets on the 2nd Tuesday of each month (no December meeting this year), inside the new City Hall on North Main Street. Agendas are posted online Friday before each Tuesday meeting, and also at City Hall. They are available in print at the Council meetings.