Sherman attorney Reggie Smith told those gathered at a Texoma Patriots meeting in Van Alstyne Tuesday night that he isn’t finished with his race to replace Larry Phillips as the State Representative from District 62.

Smith, a Republican, explained that the district is technically without a state representative right now and that the law provides that the district can only go so long without a state representative. So the Governor proclaimed that there should be a special election to fill the unexpired term that ends in December. People had until Aug. 23 to sign up to run for that spot to be the representative from the time that the election could be canvassed in November through December.

He was the only one who did so. That means he has no opponent for the November special election.

“If I get one vote for the special election, in November, I will be your representative for the rest of November and December,” Smith teased the crowd.

Of course, he doesn’t want to be state representative for just a couple of months. That is why, he said, he wants people to vote for him to be the next state representative in January. In that race, he does have opponents. They are Democrat Valerie Hefner and Libertarian David Schaab.

“I am on the ballot twice,” Smith told the crowd before telling them to make sure they vote for him in the race where he is opposed and not just the one where he is not.

He said assuming he wins the special election, and then the general election, the district will reap the benefits because he will have seniority over the representatives who are elected in the general election and that could mean better placement on committees and

“There is all of this misconception that I have just won,” Smith said. He said he doesn’t want that to lull people into not getting out and voting for him.

Additionally, he said, he knows that the Democrats are out in force in Grayson County. He said Republicans need to not only retain offices in Grayson County, they need to do it resoundingly.

“They are going to run the ball behind Beto (O’Rourke) and do a straight Democratic ticket vote,” Smith said. He urged Republicans to make sure they get out the vote to stop that push.