The First Christian Church filled its fellowship hall Saturday afternoon with its yearly homemade ice cream contest and social, which also served as a fundraiser for a mission activity the young people are involved in.

A multitude of people made up their special homemade ice cream recipes, ranging from plain old vanilla to the winning recipe of jalapeno lime, and the crowd tasted just as much of it as they each could. The mission benefitted by the dollar bills the tasters put in jars in front of their favorite flavors. The person collecting the most money received the People’s Choice award and that went this year to Lindsey Murphy, who made up a batch of toasted smores ice cream.

Also, a judges panel of three tasted a bite of everyone’s flavor-of-the-day. The judges were Kim Weber, Larry Woodson, and Kathy McMenamy Farrell. Together, they selected Collin Flynn as 1st place for his jalapeno lime ice cream, Ruth Brown for 2nd place for her rocky road flavor, and Cathy Reed in 3rd place for a special raspberry cream with chocolate chunks specialty.

Three ice cream “cooks” were younger than the others. Fifth-graders Jackson Moreau, from Howe, and Kyler Heilman worked together to create a strawberry ice cream and freezing it without the old-fashioned crank. Kyler said they started with whipped cream, added sugar, pureed strawberries, and a few other simple ingredients. He said they put all that in a zip-lock baggie, then put that baggie in a larger one filled with ice. They shook and shook the bags, he said, until they had frozen ice cream. Younger brother, Ronnie Heilman, a 2nd-grade student, worked with basically the same recipe, except that used milk instead of whipped cream, and added bananas to his strawberries. He, too, shook and shook his baggie combination, but explained that it didn’t freeze and instead he was serving up smoothie samples. Both recipes were in the “delicious” category.

The group also handed out gift certificates (donated to the cause) to Jalapenos, Jafar’s, The Roost, and Braums restaurants, to raffle winners.

At the end of the afternoon, coordinator Collin Flynn said they raised $395.22 to go toward Fort Worth’s West Aid, a food pantry dedicated to helping people feed their families. Flynn said they took a young group on a mission trip to the West Aid facility, where the youth and juveniles, ages from 6-12 years old, stocked shelves, weeded the garden the facility maintains to grow fresh vegetables and helped repair a broken compost.

In all, the day was filled with fellowship, family, friendship, as well as the mission support made possible by everyone’s effort.