VAN ALSTYNE — The new Palladium Senior Living Center had its grand opening on Friday, May 11, opening their doors and providing comfortable living and energetic activities to those 62 and older in the Van Alstyne community.

After being encouraged by the Van Alstyne city leaders for the past couple of years to build a center, Palladium CEO Thomas Huth accomplished just that.

A beautiful gated community with a state-of-the-art main apartment complex and separate cottage residences for living, the property also provides a number of amenities and activities — a fitness center, theater, library, business center, game room and a resort-style pool are all available.

“We are extremely proud,” said Huth. “We actually say this on every one of our projects, but in this instance we most certainly mean it. This came out way better than we thought it would have, everything from the finish, the furniture and now the best part is the reveal. When people come through those doors we went them to have a happily surprised look. We want them to be able to say, ‘wow, I live here,’ and they can be proud of where they live.

“A lot of these people can be coming from a home they’ve been living in for years,” Huth said, “and leaving that familiar space can be jarring, so we try to make their transition as smooth as possible and try to make their living situation as comfortable as we can.”

There was nothing but smiles and excitement from the staff and residents who were celebrating the opening. Each of the residents eager to share their experiences while living at Palladium, including Earline Metz and Ann Burris, two current residents and neighbors who moved into Palladuim in January.

“We live right next to each other, and we love it,” Burris said. “We never met each other before this, and I feel so blessed to have the opportunity to meet her… It’s a very social place, everyone’s very helpful, I’ve even been able to start a Bible study.”

“I’m extremely happy,” Metz said. “It’s so nice to be able to relax, and I’m from the Van Alstyne area, so I have family and friends who come up here and visit all the time.”

“I love it here,” another resident said. “The staff is really the glue here… there’s something going on every single day, from a movie in the theater, to bingo, to parties and potlucks there’s always something to do.”

After a few brief speeches, and a few laughs, the residents and staff of Palladium cut the ceremonial ribbon and opened their doors to an enthusiastic Van Alstyne community. With a welcoming staff and a snug living environment, they all seemed are in good hands as they start a next chapter of their lives.