Van Alstyne City Council members met in two time-efficient, five minute specially-called consecutive meetings on Thursday, March 1 at City Hall, with one item on each agenda. All Van Alstyne City Council members were present and Mayor Pro Tem Teddie Ann Salmon led the meetings, attended also by two residents.

The first meeting, at 5:30 p.m., was to approve a designated representative to sign the real estate contract on the purchase of property adjacent to the downtown Public Works facility. The motion was to approve Salmon, as Mayor Pro Tem, as the one with that responsibility. The motion, which was approved by four of the council members with one, Brad Clough, abstaining, gives the purchase price as $165,000. The motion also allows for an extension on the closing deadline “if needed.”

A previous Freedom of Information Act request submitted to City Hall was returned last Tuesday. The F.O.I.A. request was to look at any documentation regarding property appraisals and environmental studies made on this property. The response was “A diligent search of the City’s records failed to locate any records responsive to your request.”

The second meeting, at 5:35 p.m., was to approve the minutes of the first meeting that City Clerk Jennifer Gould typed up immediately. The vote was unanimous. Council member Lee Thomas said that this whole process was simply to take care of housekeeping, made necessary by the recent resignation of the city’s mayor.