The “Top Dogs” for Howe Elementary for 1/29/18-2/9/18. 4th-Arianna Howard 4th-Ainslee Jones 4th-Harmony Thomas 4th-Vincent Castellanos 4th-Aubree Menchaca 3rd-Nicole White 3rd-Samaire Moss 3rd-Nathan Garibay 3rd-Bria Rollison 3rd-Seanna Roper 2nd-Kalynne Wilson 2nd-Ruth Perez 2nd-Sydney Brewer (not pictured) 2nd-Claudia Valdez 1st-Brooklyn Bjorn 1st-Jackson Culp 1st-Alyssa Lopez 1st-Andres Perez 1st-Mackenzie Coleman K-Ross Whitmire K-Zane McCollum K-Brennan Sloan K-Jaxon Bryant

The Howe Elementary Employee of the Month is Theresa Lunde. “I’ve been employed with Howe Elementary for almost two years now. How time flies. I’ve not worked anywhere where I’ve been so very appreciated! I’m married to a wonderful man. We have two awesome sons and two grandchildren who keep us pretty busy. I have a newfound respect for teachers and everything that goes into making a school work so well. Y’all are Great! NEVER A DULL MOMENT! Proud to be a Bulldog!”

Howe Elementary Students of the Month: February: Students of the Month Kinder: Kennedy Kirk Easton Ganow 1st: Katelin Patterson Canyon Nitchman 2nd: Adaline Carter Noah Pugh 3rd: Molly Haney Logan Nitchmann 4th: Lexie Leon Felix Vasquez