Area folks might be dreaming of spring, but winter isn’t done with North Texas yet.

National Weather Service Meteorologist Dan Huckaby said Grayson and Fannin County should expect those gray skies to turn wet later Tuesday afternoon and the cold air sitting just to the North of the area will filter downward. If the cold and wet arrive together, he said, they could make for a slick commute.

Huckaby said it is possible that the combination could happen as early as school bus time, but it is more likely that it will occur as parents are making their way home from work.

The temperatures and the rain are both expected to keep falling throughout the evening hours though the rain will tamper off overnight.

Huckaby said there could be a possibility of slick roads for the morning commute. He said the area will get some help with the mess from the winds that will accompany the front because they can help to disperse the precipitation. But it likely won’t be enough to keep those bridges and overpasses from getting slick.

He cautioned that even areas that look dry can have a dark glaze that can cause problems so people are urged to slow down and be careful if they must get out early Wednesday morning.

Temperatures should be above freezing by 10 a.m. and the sun is expected to shine, so those who can go in later could avoid the worry.

Huckaby said the temperatures are expected to soar to near 60 by Friday before plummeting again over the weekend. Though it is still too early to tell, he said, there could be a chance of freezing rain again for Sunday evening into Monday morning.