The Van Alstyne Economic Development Corporation (EDC) owns the industrial rail spur in the Van Alstyne industrial park that is used to get product to industry. Currently Foxworth-Galbraith Lumber is the major user. There is, however, space on the line to add additional users that need their products shipped via rail.

An industrial spur is a secondary track used by railroads to allow customers at a location to load and unload rail cars without interfering with other railroad operations.

DGNO is the operator of the actual rail main line. Recently the EDC made major upgrades to the rail spur. Two crossings were totally replaced. Then during the Christmas holiday, the spur was taken out of service when the Railmaster inspected it and found the gauge was over the limit allowed by the Railroad Commission. Further usage could have resulted in a derailment.

In an effort to keep production going and to limit the financial burden to the manufacturing plant, the EDC was able to turn around the repairs quickly. After the Director was notified of the closure on Thursday afternoon Dec. 21, she got two rail approved contractors to come to Van Alstyne to bid the job. A special board meeting was held to select the contractor to perform the necessary repairs. Repairs were made, the spur was inspecte, and it was back in operation on Thursday, Dec. 28. All this happened within the Christmas holiday week.

Before the rise of long-distance trucking, railroads were the primary means of transportation. Van Alstyne grew because the railroad allowed for easy access to shipping. Today, with growth coming north, Van Alstyne is one of the few cities that can provide this service to customers. The EDC is currently recruiting new businesses that can take advantage of rail service to deliver their products. Railroads remain the most economical way to ship large quantities of material, and an industrial spurs facilitates this.

For further information about Van Alstyne’s industrial rail spur, contact Jodi Carr, EDC Executive Director, at 903-482-9587 or email her at