Shots were fired during a car chase Wednesday morning following the theft of a vehicle and a reported marijuana sale at a local apartment complex.

City Spokesperson Lee Thomas, who received the following information from Van Alstyne Police Chief Tim Barnes, said that several 911 calls came in beginning at 12:51 a.m., the callers reporting shots having been fired. This was in the area of Miller Lane, Nunnalle and W.A. Denton streets. One of the callers was a man who gave his name as Austin Lee. He told police that he had been the victim of an armed car jacking, saying the thief and placed a gun to his had and then drove off with his 2012 red Hyundai. He said he then walked to a home in the 700 block of W.A. Denton, and that the homeowner contacted police for him.

Lee described the second vehicle, a silver Dodge Charger.

Van Alstyne Police Officer Wienandt was the first to respond and begin investigating the gunshots, as he, too, heard them. Then, the report is, he saw a silver Dodge Charger in the nearby vicinity and stopped it on probable cause.

Thomas said there were two males inside it, and a third one outside, trying to hide what the officer found was a handgun. While he had them in custody and was gathering their identification, a fourth man walked up, claiming to be lost and walking around. The officer then began questioning him, too. They all four appeared to know each other. The report is that three of them are from McKinney and the fourth from Anna, and all four are either 17 or 18 years of age.

Police interviewed the victim and found his stolen car nearby.

Jailed were a male suspect from Anna on a charge of tampering with physical evidences. Another male suspect, of McKinney, was jailed on a charge of theft of a motor vehicle.

Police also found a second handgun inside the Dodge, and a BB gun inside the victim’s vehicle. Thomas said that resembled a real handgun. They also learned that there had been two other people inside the Hyundai.

Police determined that the four men in the Dodge had driven to Van Alstyne to sell marijuana to those in the Hyundai. They set up a meeting at an apartment complex and that transaction happened. Then, the two groups got into an “altercation” which started the chase and the shots having been fired.

There is no information on how much marijuana was purchased, how much it costs the buyers, or if it were found inside either vehicle.

Thomas said this is an ongoing investigation. More charges may be filed, but for now there are no further details available.