A new business has setup shop in Van Alstyne, and it aims to help people look more youthful.

Lux Aesthetic Medical Services opened its doors in May of this year. The business, located off Highway 5 near downtown, is the first of its kind in the city. It provides minimally invasive cosmetic surgical procedures like Botox, dermal fillers and microneedling.

“The majority of my patients have never had any services before,” Barbie Griffin, the co-owner of the business, said.

Van Alstyne needs this type of business, she said, because demand for these types of procedures has grown.

“More people are looking for ways to look younger while avoiding drastic and costly procedures that involve surgery. A patient can come in and get Botox or a dermal filler and be back at work later that day for a fraction of what cosmetic plastic surgery would cost.”

Griffin has lived in Van Alstyne since 2005. She and business partner Dr. Ronald Salie, an ER physician out of Phoenix, decided to open Lux Aesthetic in the city because it is the perfect area, she said.

“Van Alstyne is an ideal area for us because we have clients who come to us from the Dallas Metroplex and from Texoma.”

The most popular procedure, Griffin said, is cheek filler. A syringe is filled with hyaluronic acid or collagen and injected under the skin.

As women age, she said, they lose volume in their face, and filler can help remedy this by filling in hollow cheeks and wrinkles.

In addition to the dermal fillers, Lux also offers microneedling, a procedure that involves fine needles puncturing the skin to create microscopic wounds.

One of the more well-known procedures is Botox, an injection that helps to freeze facial muscles and keep wrinkles from forming.

Six months ago, Sara Cox decided she wanted to freshen up her face. The Plano resident went to several businesses searching for the right person and business she could trust her face with.

“I just wanted some little changes,” Cox said.

Several of the doctors she visited talked about drastic changes and how they could make her look 20 years younger. That attitude didn’t ease her nerves.

“Everyone sees your face,” she said, “and I didn’t want to look like I had something done.”

Cox drove from Plano to Van Alstyne and met with Griffin. That consultation put her at ease, she said.

“She really listed to me and asked me what I wanted to have done instead of pushing me to get more done,” she said.

In the end, Cox settled on cheek filler and Botox, and that little line between her fore head is no more.

“She’s a facial artist, that’s the best way I can describe her,” Cox said.

Lux is open by appointment only, and all patients must meet with Barbie and Dr. Eric R Kavosh, medical director of the business, or the nurse practioner on staff before they can get any treatment.