Rory Hogenson, 55, of Van Alstyne was indicted this week on two counts of unlawful possession of a firearm by a felon and two counts of obstruction or retaliation. The indictment is a formal charge and not an indication of guilt.

Previously published reports show that that at around midnight on May 15, deputies spoke with Edward Hogenson, the son of Roy Hogenson, about an incident that had occurred in the 900 block of Edwards Road. Edward Hogenson told deputies that Rory Hogenson had made threats against Edward Hogenson’s wife and his two-year-old daughter. Edward Hogenson showed deputies a text that he said was from his father, that said, “Every Dies,” which Edward Hogenson took to mean everyone dies. Edward Hogenson told deputies he had just talked to his father before meeting with them and Rory Hogenson had said if anyone came down the driveway he would put a bullet in their head. Edward Hogenson said he thinks his father wanted to die from suicide by cop, the affidavit said.

Edward Hogenson told deputies that during an argument at their home, he, his wife and daughter attempted to leave the residence and Rory Hogenson pointed a 30/30 rifle at them. Edward Hogenson’s wife told investigators that Rory Hogenson was upset that her brother was at the home. The wife was trying to put her daughter in the vehicle, she told police, when Rory Hogenson put his rifle up to his shoulder as if he were hunting something and said, “your whole family is dead.” The wife said the rifle was pointing at the car that she, her husband and daughter were all in at the time.

Rory Hogenson’s attorney John Hunter Smith did not immediately return a phone call from the Herald Democrat seeking a comment on the indictment.