It’s been a few years since the community joined together to light up the Christmas tree in Dorothy Fielder Park. As an old chili commercial used to say: “Well, that’s too long.”

To make up for that lost time, and hopefully to create some lifetime memories especially for the younger set, the giant tree inside the downtown gazebo park will be lighted up after a fun-filled Christmas ceremony Saturday night.

The Van Alstyne Chamber of Commerce is hosting this special occasion, with 100% Construction supplying hot chocolate for everyone.

It will all start at 6 p.m. on Dec. 2 with a prayer, followed by a reading from a children’s Bible about the birth of Jesus. Also on the schedule will be a special dance by Van Alstyne’s Fierce Motions in Dance team; a couple of Christmas songs for the adults, including the “Twelve Days of Christmas” led by Altha Fay McKinney; and special children’s Christmas songs led by Matt Nix.

Then, the countdown… and on will go the lights, and let the clapping and ohs and ahs begin! That will take place at 6:30 p.m.

This is a truly a community affair. The Keep Van Alstyne Beautiful group decorated Dorothy Fielder Park for Christmas on Wednesday, and they, through the Van Alstyne Community Development Corporation, furnished the lights for the Christmas tree. And it was the Van Alstyne Fire Department who, using their special equipment and good ol’ manpower, hung those lights up. Also, the city’s Public Works Department has made sure that all lights, both on the tree and on the newly-renovated gazebo, are in good working order.

The park and the gazebo can be a good place to relax and just enjoy the spirit of Christmas for the whole month of December.