Pictured are the “Top Dogs” for Howe Elementary from Oct. 30 to Nov. 10. The students are as follows:

4th-Garrett Rodgers

4th-Lexi Leon

4th- Brooklyn Upton

4th-AJ Johnson

3rd-Tatum Gandillon

3rd-Conner Terry

3rd-Kimberlee Artega

3rd-Elizabeth McLaughlin

2nd-Miguel LaBrada

2nd-Elyauna Dominguez

2nd-Noah Pugh

2nd-Carson Allen

1st-Lauren Ragsdale

1st-Collin Clopton

1st-Noah Espitia

1st-Eli Espitia

K-Vincent Willaby

K-Leilani Leon

K-Nathan Focht

K-Andi Myers