The Van Alstyne City Council met in special session on Wednesday, Nov. 1 to discuss the process for hiring a new city manager and to consider modifications to the ordinance that describes the duties of the city manager. This predicated a combined Council-Planning & Zoning workshop.

First up on the agenda was discussion about the hiring of an interim city manager, something the city has done in the past when found without a full-time city manager. Council member Teddie Ann Salmon said it was her understanding that the interim position would be part-time, and the written advertisement indicated the city was searching for a full-time person. City Attorney Julie Forte said that could be changed to part-time with a general overview of the job and qualifications being sought. The details of day-to-day duties could be explained to the candidates. They all discussed what a contract given to an interim would include.

Mayor Larry Cooper said a firm gave him an example of a resume, and others on the Council said they, too, have received some.

Forte provided information on several agencies that will allow advertising for such a position at little or no charge.

The Council approved the advertisement and search for an interim with some changes made to the documents they had already been given.

Next up, they discussed the duties of the city manager, to whom that person is responsible, which city employees are to be directly responsible to him and which ones will work under department heads, an organizational chart in effect.

One job and its title came up, that of the city clerk, now held by Jennifer Gould. Forte said that most other cities utilizing the city manager form of government generally have the city clerk, no matter his or her title, reporting to the city manager.

“Right now, the ordinance defines those duties to the city clerk,” Forte said. “Whether secretary or clerk, the duties of city secretary are charged to the clerk.”

No action was made on this until they have more information with which to make decisions.