In the spirit of election season, elementary school students participated in an election of their own. Van Alstynes’ youngest panthers have been campaigning for the two candidates throughout the last week during morning announcements. The two candidates running for president at Van Alstyne Elementary School this November are Junie B. Jones and Clifford the Big Red Dog, both popular children’s book characters.

Junie B. Jones, written by Barbara Park, is a children’s book series chronicling the life of 6-year-old Junie as she attends school. Clifford the Big Red Dog stars in a children’s book series written by Norman Bridwell. Clifford, who made his appearance in 1963, is a giant red dog who lives with his 8-year-old owner, Emily Elizabeth.

During morning announcements, fourth graders presented facts about each of the candidates to give the students more information. Voting took place on Monday, Nov. 7, and the results were revealed on Tuesday, Nov. 8 — actual Election Day. Clifford the Big Red Dog won the vote. This activity gave the students an opportunity to learn more about the election process and the ability to be able to cast their own vote.