McKINNEY — Paul Alexander Tanner, Sr., 86, of Fairview, was sentenced to ¬¬life in prison Monday for two counts of Murder, announced Collin County District Attorney Greg Willis.

In May 2013, Paul Alexander Tanner, Sr., lived with his son, 59, and grandson, 23, on 84 acres in Fairview. The Tanners were being evicted from the home. A neighbor heard gunshots coming from the Tanner home on May 14, 2013.

Police discovered the victims’ bodies on May 17. Both victims had been shot twice. Police tracked Tanner to a hotel in Addison, where he was found unresponsive after ingesting medications and wine.

Prosecutors presented evidence of his son’s blood on Tanner’s pants. Tanner’s cell phone records placed him near the home around the time of the murders. The murder weapon was never found.

The jury convicted Tanner of both counts of murder. District Judge Ray Wheless sentenced Tanner to life in prison.

The case was investigated by Kyle Nevil with the Collin County Sheriff’s Office and Reuben Mankin with the Texas Rangers. Assistant Criminal District Attorneys Thomas Ashworth and Courtney Neel prosecuted the case, aided by DA Investigators Keith Henslee and Laurie Gibbs.