A helicopter crash near Howe late Tuesday has resulted in the death of a Lewisville man.

The crash happened at around 8:30 p.m. Texas Highway Patrol Staff Sgt. Mark Tackett said a student and an instructor were doing maneuvers when the aircraft lost power for an unknown reason. The helicopter crashed near 264 Bennett Road.

One resident near the scene of the crash said she saw the helicopter “flying weird” and heard a loud crash when the aircraft went down.

Tackett identified one of the occupants of the helicopter as Matt Cavender, who is also the registered owner. According to FAA registry records, the helicopter is a Hughes 269C, manufactured in 1979. It is registered to a Howe address.

The other occupant of the helicopter was 58-year-old Daniel Katen, of Lewisville. He died from injuries stemming from the accident. Katen was pronounced dead at 6:44 a.m. at Wilson N. Jones Regional Medical Center.

Jeff Leke, who owns the property where the helicopter crashed, said Cavender walked uphill approximately 200 yards to Leke’s residence and banged on the door. Leke said he was limping and was beside himself. Leke called 911. When the two men reached the helicopter, Katen was unresponsive and pinned underneath the chopper, Leke said.

Leke stated that he was able to lift the debris pinning the man while Cavender freed him. The pair began trying the help Katen and began chest compressions.

Both Cavender and Katen were transported to Wilson N. Jones Regional Medical Center. Cavender was later transferred to Parkland Hospital in Dallas and is in stable condition.

Tackett said DPS was only on the scene to help secure it. The National Transportation Safety Board is expected to conduct the investigation.

Herald Democrat reporter Alex Maxwell, editor Jonathan Cannon and photographer Chris Jennings contributed to this report.