Bill Morris Davis celebrated a milestone birthday on Sunday, celebrating 100 years of life with a party at Sherman Church of the Nazarene.

Davis, best known for the 20 years he spent delivering food with Meals on Wheels of Texoma, was born in Howe and graduated from Howe High School in 1934.

“He is one of the cleanest living men that you would ever know,” Davis’s bother Mack Davis said. “He never had any bad habit that I knew of. He never smoked. He never drank any alcohol. His wife was sick for years and he took care of her. He is a very caring man and he is most looking forward to tomorrow — living each day.”

The Morris brothers grew up on a farm where they picked cotton and raised mules, cows and hogs.

“There was nine in our family,” Mack Davis said. “We grew up in a four bedroom house.”

Bill Davis retired from a city in New Mexico after working for many years as a civil engineer and a survey party chief.

“For a time, I held the title of civil engineer for a city in New Mexico,” Bill Davis said. “Then, I became the survey party chief. I worked under the construction manager. I worked for the state highway department and had some experience in that. I did not get a degree, but I learned a lot of things on my own. I trained myself and learned enough to run a survey crew and do survey work.”

Bill Davis got married in 1940 and spent 53 years with his wife before she died in 1993, Mack Davis said. The couple had no children.

“One of my favorite quotes about him was from around the time he was 90,” Bill Davis’s great nephew Casey Davis said. “He was still delivering Meals on Wheels at that time. He said, ‘Well, there has to be someone to deliver meals to all these old people.’ The funny thing about it is that he was older than a lot of the people that he was helping to deliver to.”

Bill Davis helped pay his nephew’s way through college and Casey Davis is currently a junior at Austin College in Sherman.

“He is, in a lot of ways, an inspiration,” Sherman Church of the Nazarene Pastor Randy Powell said. “He is also an example to everyone else. He is 100 years old and every Sunday he serves in the church. He doesn’t just serve in the sense of giving money and providing needs, he is here every Sunday he can be here. He greets people at the door. He loves the young people. He is a sweet, kind old man. When he is not feeling good, he is here and he is helping out. That is just the example he has given all of us. There are ways you can serve and help other people.”

Powell met Bill Davis in June of 2015.

“One of the things that older people provide is stability,” Powell said. “We can depend on them. You know when they say they are going to be there, they will be there. They also have so much life experience. My generation can learn so much from people that have been through things. And that is whether they have done better or had a harder time than we have had. Their expertise and experience is an asset to us.”

Powell said that Bill Davis is a great reminder that no matter what is going on in life, there are people that have greater needs than we have.

“We have the opportunity to do something about that and Bill Davis’s life has been a testament to that,” Powell said.

Bill Davis said he believes that the reason he has been able to live so long is because he has been able to serve others.

“The Lord wants us to help other people,” Bill Davis said. “I have really enjoyed doing that.”