Van Alstyne voters put a spin on the Van Alstyne City Council and Mayor city elections, electing three candidates who had never run before during Saturday’s local elections.

There were three candidates for Van Alstyne Mayor, with a total of 439 votes cast. Of those, Steve Riley took 307 votes, or 70 percent of those cast; Donnie J. Neill got 113 votes, a total of 26 percent; and Kevin Soucie received 19 votes, for 4 percent of the tally.

City Council Place 1 had two people vying for that chair. Of 430 votes cast there, Ryan T. Neal gathered 63 percent, or 270 votes and Kaaren Teuber had 160 votes cast for her, or 37 percent.

City Council Place 2 had Marla E. Butler and incumbent/mayor pro tem Teddie Ann Salmon challenging one another. Butler took 246, or 57 percent of the 433 votes cast to Salmon’s 187, or 43 percent of the votes.

City Council Place 3 originally had two contestants, but one pulled out shortly after signing up, leaving Incumbent Robert Jaska taking 100 percent of the 329 votes cast in that race.

The current Van Alstyne City Council, consisting of Brad Clough, Suzon Crowell, Lee Thomas, Jaska and Salmon will meet on Tuesday night, with one item on the agenda having them canvassing the May 5 election. The full agenda is on the city’s Website,

The current city council will continue to include Thomas and Crowell, both of whom have one year left on their terms, to work in the future with Neal, Butler and Jaska, with Riley serving as mayor. City Clerk Jennifer Gould said no one can assume the duties of office until they are sworn in, which will be no sooner than May 11.

After learning she had won a seat on the council, Butler said, “What a great experience running for council of our community. Van Alstyne has voted for a change and for professionalism as our city moves forward into a bright future. Thank you for this opportunity to serve.”

Neal said, “I thank the voters of Van Alstyne. It has been such a wonderful experience campaigning. I am eager to begin serving this city.

Jaska and Riley were not immediately available for comment.