Most of the time technology works and allows us to do some amazing things. But the truth is, technology fails. Not all the time, but inevitably, and when it fails it’s usually at the worst possible time.

Technology fails… The Titanic sank… The Challenger blew up on takeoff… And my cell phone has scattered so many dropped calls along the side of the road I feel like a modern-day Johnny Appleseed planting technical failures everywhere I go.

Governments fail. When I studied American History in high school, there was a section on political corruption and scandals. Admittedly, that was a long time ago, at a time when my son suggested the history book was just a pamphlet. The point I to want to share with you, is that there were only four or five scandals, and each one had their own name… Things like, “The Tea Pot Dome,” scandal.

These days there are so many that we don’t bother to name them, or if we did we just add a “-gate,” to the latest scandal. The news reporters and talking heads bring into our attention — twenty-four hours a day for three or four days — and then there on to the next scandal, with nothing accomplished, and nothing was done. Proving the age-old adage that when all is said and done, more got said than done.

Corporations fail. Several years ago, the Enron Energy Corporation, headquartered in Houston was in the news when it went bankrupt. The corporations main accomplishment during its sixteen-year history seems to have been making millions for insiders while losing the life savings of millions of investors. Another example is the Volkswagen Corporation has been in the news for teaching their cars how to cheat to pass the U.S. emission standards.

We serve a perfect God. However, the bottom line is that we are all flawed and broken people, living in a broken world shrouded by a blanket of darkness, mistrust, and hatred. Sadly, even the church and its pastors and priests fall victim to the corrosive temptations of this world.

Consider Moses for a moment. He was a failed prince of Egypt, and after being exiled, he became a goat herder. By his admission, he was tongue tied and by the world’s standards, he was a failure.

Despite, or because of these shortfalls and failures, God chose him to lead the people of Israel out of bondage, and we all know how well that worked out.

Someone once commented that professionals built the Titanic, and an amateur built the Ark. That is true as far as it goes, but they left out the most important part. The builders of the Titanic were relying on human knowledge and technology. Noah built the Ark based on faith in God and trusting that God always equips, defends, and guides those whom God calls.

Technology always fails, humans fail, but God never fails — who do you want to trust as you seek to build your future?

John R. Fowler is the Pastor of First Presbyterian Church in Prosper.