HOWE — Senior running back Andrew Griffin II is playing his final season as a Bulldog, last seen in action when Howe hosted the Van Alstyne Panthers for one of the most anticipated games of the season. Though Howe fell to Van Alstyne, 53-27, the team put up a scrappy Bulldog group fight. Working with his teammates, Griffin led the pack.

On Friday night’s match-up, Griffin scored a five-yard touchdown with two minutes on the clock in the second quarter to get the Bulldogs on the scoreboard. He led his team in rushing stats and receiving stats and tied with fellow Bulldog Chase Barnett for defensive stats.

During Friday’s play, Griffin had 25 carries for 141 yards, 1 catch for 63 yards and 7.5 tackles, 5 of which were solo. This is no surprise to any Bulldog fans, as Griffin frequently leads the team stats on a weekly basis.

Howe (0-7) may have had a rough 2017 season so far, but it will take a lot more than a bad luck streak to break the spirit of Griffin and his fellow Bulldogs.

“I wouldn’t change anything,” Griffin said. “I look forward to going to football practice every day with the coaches and the players.”

Anyone who has had the privilege of attending a Bulldogs sporting event has witnessed the close-knit family atmosphere of the Howe players and supporters.

“They are what makes being a Bulldog exciting,” Griffin said.

The Bulldogs may not have won a game yet this season, but Howe has not been without its highlights on the field. On defense, Griffin has been a powerhouse middle linebacker, contributing to scoreless quarters for the opposing team in recent games against Quinland and Caddo Mills on Sept. 22 and 29, respectively.

“My favorite memory on the football field this year so far is probably going out on the field,” Griffin said, “playing hard and making good memories with a good group of football players and coaches.”

Andrew Griffin and the rest of the Bulldogs varsity football team will try their luck on Oct. 27 when Howe takes on Whitesboro in an away game at Whitesboro High School. For updates and season highlights from Griffin and the rest of the senior Bulldog players as they finish their final season online at

Additional reporting by Emma Polini.